My Portfolio - Or Lack There Of

So why are we here?

We’re here because of my embarrassing lack of any sort of portfolio. Instead of a portfolio, I’ve always ended up redirecting people to my hodgepodge of an Instagram profile. Putting together a real portfolio has been on my to do list for an eternity, or a few years at least.

When I was at college, our lecturers impressed on us that our thought process of our assignments was more important than the actual content. This topic came up again recently on a podcast with Ted Forbes (The Art of Photography).

So it’s time for me to create my portfolio and show my thought process (as we go) on this blog. This will be an ongoing project of a number of months (until I have a set of about 12 images that I’m happy with). I will be putting together a brief and will be blogging about my progress as I go.

While I’m at it, a few other projects on the side.

  • Tidying up my Instagram (and social media in general): I recently started putting up a few photos from a couple of studio shoot I did with models, but this made me realize my true passion is in landscape, nature and travel space. My Instagram is a bit of a mess and is due for a cleanup of all that other crap.

  • Vlog: I tried my hand at vlogging 2 years ago (don’t bother trying to find them, they’re now hidden). They were a little embarrassing, but it was reasonably successful. I have a lot to say about photography so I’m keen to start vlogging regularly again.

  • Flickr: I (used to) love Flickr, and I’m happy that SmugMug has acquired them. I like Flickr a hell of a lot more than Instagram and am planning to use it as a catchall for my best work.

  • Possible Website Migration: At some point during this project, my Squarespace hosting will expire. Squarespace recently partnered with Unsplash, a website that offers free stock photography, which makes me uncomfortable. I don’t make my living from photography but a lot of people I love and respect do. I may end up staying for another year, to be determined closer to the date.

On a final note: The end result of my portfolio will be all new imagery, but I may put together an interim portfolio (the process for that will be documented here too).

My embarrassingly short to do list.

My embarrassingly short to do list.